Bad news … sad day …

15 07 2010

I crashed it … 😦
This is what happens when you get the Bucharest retarded drivers simpathy…

Here, no one looks in the mirrors. They all think that if they get hit from the back it’s not their fault. That’s why they pull the wheel right or left without signaling and looking in the mirrors. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally out …

30 04 2010

2 days now. I got my “Beast” on the roads. Read the rest of this entry »

Sad … not with my Joker …

19 04 2009

Right now, I am in my hometown, Constanta, for the Easter holidays.

The weather is so perfect for a scooter-stroll on the beach, to feel the wind in your sunglasses and the sand in the mouth (not) :P, too bad the Joker is 250 km away.

Hope It’s still secured to the fence in front of my house … and no one “kidnapped” it 🙂 …


Gallery 5 (i think)

17 04 2009

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First Joker Blogging …

16 04 2009

Wanting more from my retro looking scooter, made me choose  The Joker.

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