Finally out …

30 04 2010

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It’s still winter …

3 03 2010

Back on updating the joker-blog 😀 …

It’s still winter, even though there were some sun rays today and there were some crazy bikers riding’ freely on the bulevards … for me it’s still cold in order to take out for a spin my Joker.

Can’t wait for May … when the temperature gets stable to around 17 degrees 😀 …

Why would you do something like this ?

23 04 2009

In my adventure searching for “things about Honda Joker”, something BAD caught my attention.
The following gallery scratched my retina:

This is a Honda Joker Chinese replica blinged-up 🙂

The only things I have to say it’s … WTF were they thinking?!
If they did it for fun I understand … If they did it for selling, the only ones who would buy it I think it will be the US Pimps 😀 …

Enjoy … (NOT)

Finally … getting my licence plates :)

21 04 2009

After 1 year riding illegaly 😛 , today I am going legal.

I never “had time” to register my scooter and for 1 year I rode it without licence plates.

Last week I fixed the papers in order to get the plates and today I am going to pick them up.

The stress of having to run from the police because of not being legal is too much 😛 … today I am going “straight” …

Gallery 5 (i think)

17 04 2009

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Gallery 4 – Miscelaneous

17 04 2009

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Gallery 3

17 04 2009

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