The Honda Joker


Built just for fun and all-day riding enjoyment with an outrageous sense of bulbous, ‘big old American car’ style and ultra-wide handlebars, Honda’s unique Shadow 50 and 90 trend-setters exceeded and still smudges the boundaries of convention to set out in this bold direction in the world scooter design.

The Honda Joker scooter, was initially launched in 1996 in Japan as a “FUN” scooter for new age teenagers.

In Europe and USA, was known as Honda SRX50/90 Shadow and was sold in two available versions – a 50cc and a 90cc with both with 2-stroke engine.

The vehicle-design Honda chose to follow with the launch of the “Shadow”, was based on 2 categories being: scooters with the advantages as a means of basic transportaton, and the Custom-motorcycles; relaxed, easy comfort and “long and low” styling as seen on the American styled machines.

The Shadow was designed with an innate sense of fun that stands out and grabs attention like no other scooter on the road.
From its broad forward profile with the fat, rounded front fender, “front bumper” trim and giant “spot-light” headlight perched high atop the swept-back handlebards, back to its outlandish “wraparound” rear bumper and tailight, the Shadow is a stylist’s dream. Enormous in both look and feel, the Shadow’s abundance of chrome and bulbuous, oversized embelishments appeal to the exhibitionist side of anyone’s personality. This product was and is distinct from the others in terms of originality, comfort, styling and riding pleasure, just to name a few.

This is why the Honda Joker has a great popularity between people who love “the beautifull”.

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