Bad news … sad day …

15 07 2010

I crashed it … 😦
This is what happens when you get the Bucharest retarded drivers simpathy…

Here, no one looks in the mirrors. They all think that if they get hit from the back it’s not their fault. That’s why they pull the wheel right or left without signaling and looking in the mirrors.

Something like this happened to me, on a big boulevard, where a 70 years old numb-nut, pulled the steering right with me trying to overtake.

I braked at maximum and put the Joker on the ground just not to hit him … and … he i did not hit him.

In this situation, the cops cannot do anything. It’s the retarded Romanian legislation.




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3 06 2011

PS: this blog is for “give-away” … 😀 for free …
if anyone wants to “continue” writing articles about their Joker, just let me know 🙂 and I will transfer the blog account to anyone 😉

3 06 2011

Hello all 🙂
Thanks for your interest in my Joker-Blog 😀 …
unfortunately i’ve sold my Joker last summer, since then i’m riding a Sachs MadAss …

I will probably not write any posts unless i get myself another Joker 😛 who knows. 😀

If i can help you with anything, write me an email on polifemgod[at] …

Cheers and Ride free 😉

20 05 2011

salutare! sunt posesorul unui honda srx50. astazi l-am imprumutat cuiva si l-a busit. as avea nevoie de ajutor in gasire unui set complet de carene. va multumesc anticipat. P.S. pentru cei care ma pot ajuta ii rog sa imi lase un mail

7 04 2011

Can anyone out there tell me where i can get a ignition lock for a 96 model. Honda UK seem to think there where only 98 and 99 models. The lock they supplied is to big, but they let me see there micro fiche and the part number for 98 99 model is 35010-GCK-661 can someone even give me the proper part No.
I can show anyone by photo the difference.

14 10 2010

Hi mate …

Can u give ma your email adress ?

3 06 2011


26 07 2010

I’m sorry to hear this. but fortunately you are not hurt from this accident. : )
I’m a joker fans from china. i will get my first joker this week. exciting!

I trying to find some people who has same interest as me. so i google it and i found your blog. : )
oh, glad to know you.
Hope to read you next writings.

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