Why would you do something like this ?

23 04 2009

In my adventure searching for “things about Honda Joker”, something BAD caught my attention.
The following gallery scratched my retina:

This is a Honda Joker Chinese replica blinged-up 🙂

The only things I have to say it’s … WTF were they thinking?!
If they did it for fun I understand … If they did it for selling, the only ones who would buy it I think it will be the US Pimps 😀 …

Enjoy … (NOT)




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25 02 2015
12 07 2009

I’m not a U.S. pimp, but I’m guessing the chrome parts are plastic, right? (Honda doesn’t sell the Joker in the U.S.) Chrome-plating plastic is quite easy, so the owner must be interested in a unique look. You can get chrome-plated versions of all the plastic parts on a Vespa GTS, and if you go for all of them, the look will be similar.

Gold-plating would look much worse, I’m sure…

Scootin’ Old Skool

p.s.—thanks for the link!

3 03 2010

hahaha … you’re quite right 😀 … but a classy look it’s not a pimped’ out look 😛

24 04 2009

Btw, ti-am dat add pe FB. Aprove me! ;))

24 04 2009

Hello. Vreau sa iti spun ca si eu am o varianta de scuter asemenea celui din poze, dar nu e pimped up asa :). Au inceput sa fabrice Ceaina la modele de genu asta pe banda rulanta. Le scoate, le pune brandu in functie de cerinte si straight to Eastern Europe. Eu am dat destul de putin pe al meu (luat de nou) – acum 2 saptamani – aprox 900 Euro. Pentru ca noi de la Honda nu am gasit nicaieri Jokerul, ca sa nu mai zic de Shadow. Anyway, small talk, long talk, sunt fan de ceva timp si din lipsa de original mi-am cumparat o copie. Oricum, o sa invadeze Bucurestiul soon. Pana acum am vazut cel putin 3 la fel ca al meu. Chip in taci mate 🙂

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