… starts with my Joker

The eager of wanting more from my retro-looking scooter, made me choose “The Joker“.

My Joker experience …

I started to get the Joker’s retro-feel addiction, one year ago when I first saw it in Tomina Scooters dealership from Bucharest, my home town.

I had to choose between the “Real McCoy” – Honda SRX50 Joker and the Tomina JA1 – Imported replica.

I decided to go with the replica, due to the fact that I was a beginner in scootering and I considered that a 2Stroke engine would be too aggressive for me. Also I had taken into consideration that the Tomina version, for the 50 cc’s had 2 seats and the original Joker is one-sitter.

After some months of slowly riding “in style” with the replica, I got disapointed of it.

The acceleration to the “amazing” speed of 45km/h was incredibly … slow.
Old ladies jogging were overtaking me on the streets.
When I was leaving the light from the first row, all the cars would honk due to my acceleration/speed.

After taking the scooter to the service, I found out that it was a problem of the scooter, that could easily get fixed.

But wanting more from my retro-looking scooter, made me swap the replica with the real thing, “The Joker“.

Now I can say I am as enthusiast as the day I saw it and I want to recondition it fully.